Your partner for growth.

Your partner for growth.

Henko Partners es un inversor de capital privado independiente, especializado en apoyar sobresalientes pequeñas y medianas empresas en España y Portugal que operen en mercados con dinámicas de crecimiento a largo plazo.

Buscamos proyectos ambiciosos
Henko seeks to invest in outstanding companies and management teams, helping to shape transformational growth projects.As part of our investment process, we undertake a deep analysis of companies, markets and competitive dynamics to become a strategic partner that actually adds value.As entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, we support our companies to accelerate growth and transform into resilient and sustainable businesses with long-term competitive advantages.
Aportamos más que capital
We are interested in projects where we can add more than capital. Henko actively engages with its portfolio companies to execute long-term growth plans. In partnership with our portfolio companies, we drive strategic initiatives and hands-on operational improvements.Our initiatives include, for instance: (i) redefining sales and marketing plans, (ii) reinforcing organization structure, (iii) implementing CRM/ERP and other software systems, (iv) continuous operational improvement initiatives, (v) international expansion and, (vi) buy and build programs.

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Our team unites a genuine interest in medium-sized businesses with strong capabilities to support them in their growth projects.We are convinced that Excelence, Transparency and Integrity are key factors to be not just owners but long-term partners.
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