Committed to sustainable development

At Henko we are aware of the substantial impact we have as investors on the enviroment and communities.
Consequently, we remain commited to upholding best-in-class ethical standards throughout the the entire investment cycle to ensure alignment with our ESG investment policy.

Committed to sustainable development

At Henko we recognize the impact we all can make on the environment and communities. It is our firm belief that we can reach our goals in a responsible and sustainable way by maintaining best-in-class ethical standards.
These ethical standards are an intrinsic part of our investment selection process.

Investment cycle

We emphasise our ESG commitment throughout the investment cycle.

1. Pre-analysis: We employ a rigorous two-steps analysis and evaluation of investment opportunities, considering impacts on ESG factors and sustainability risks. The first step involves the exclusion of controversial and sensitive activities. This decision is based on the European Investment Fund’s list of restricted activities, ensuring alignment with the principles of the Paris Climate Agreement and the Taxonomy Regulation. The second step involves carrying a comprehensive ESG Due Diligence prior the investment.

2. Implementation: The Investment Committee analyses and approves investment opportunities considering ESG aspects in its decision-making process. By incorporating these considerations into their analysis, they make informed decisions that reflect our commitment to responsible and sustainable investing.

3. Participation and management engagement: During the investment period, we actively engage with our portfolio companies, fostering collaboration and providing support to create sustainable value and generate positive impact. In order to provide greate value to its portfolio companies, our senior management team works closely with the companies’ management, providing strategic guidance and sharing industry expertise.

4. Divestment: We conduct a comprehensive qualitative assessment to evaluate the quantifiable progress made in relation to ESG aspects compared to the initial pre-analysis and execution phases of the investment.

ESG Priorities

Our ESG Priorities encompass the specific characteristics we aim to promote:

(E) Environment

  • Drive energy transition to mitigate climate change.
  • Promote a circular economy by encouraging efficient use of natural resources.
  • Foster responsible waste management and treatment.

(S) Social

  • Internal aspects: Promote an equal, safe, and healthy working environment.
  • Internal aspects: Foster recruitment, development, and retention of talent.
  • Internal aspects: Encourage information security and data privacy.
  • External aspects: Promote consumer health and safety.
  • External aspects: Ensure responsible management of the supply chain.
  • External aspects: Foster enviroments which respect fundamental human rights.

(G) Governance

  • Respect the legitimate interests of all stakeholders.
  • Encourage management bodies to operate based on principles of transparency, truthfulness, and good faith.
  • Align remuneration with company objectives, while respecting established policies and procedures.

ESG with our portfolio companies

At Henko Partners, we continuously strive to identify ESG issues and opportunities, placing them high on our agenda.

We firmly believe that sustainability plays a crucial role in value creation in the medium term. We prioritize the sustainability of our offerings and explore opportunities for extending their life cycles as key aspects of our approach. Additionally, we focus on efficient water and energy utilization, waste minimization, and the extension of specific materials. We also foster the development of innovative business lines while considering the closure of other product or service cycles. Through these strategic measures, we harness the power of sustainability to drive growth, promote responsible resource management, and adapt to evolving market demands.

Our conviction stems from the understanding that an increased focus on sustainability provides a competitive advantage. By integrating sustainable practices into our portfolio companies’ operations, we not only contribute to a better future but also enhance their long-term viability and success.

Henko is inter alia committed to principles according to the following guidelines: UNPRI, UN Global Compact, and Invest Europe Code of ethics/compliance.