Committed to sustainable development

At Henko we recognize the impact we all can make on the environment and communities. It is our firm belief that we can reach our goals in a responsible and sustainable way by maintaining best-in-class ethical standards.
These ethical standards are an intrinsic part of our investment selection process.

Responsible investment

Henko seeks to create long term value in its investments and their broader stakeholders in close collaboration with management.


Henko is committed to invest responsibly and it is our strategy to:

1. Incorporate ESG considerations into our investment analysis and decision-making processes.

2. Define ambitious and sustainable ESG roadmaps together with portfolio companies.

3. Be active owners, deeply involved through strong governance and hands-on operational engagement across our investments.

At the firm and portfolio levels Henko strives to make sure working environments are sound and employees’ health is safe, while also ensuring a workplace free of discrimination, intimidation and harassment. Together with management, Henko seeks to ensure operations are conducted in a responsible, sustainable and ethical manner, in compliance with relevant legislations and regulatory requirements. Henko is also committed to promoting equal opportunities and diversity principles.

ESG Principles

Henko takes into account and respects the following responsible ESG principles:

a. Environmental: Respect the environment, promote sustainability with major factors being:

 i. Impact of materials: responsible use of scare resources.
 ii. Energy & CO2 footprint: reducing waste and emissions.
 iii. Eco system impact: obtain environmental permits, recycling.

b. Social: Respect Human rights, ensure proper working conditions as well as occupational and product health/safety.

c. Governance: Promote adequate and transparent corporate governance practices with focus on:

 i. Business integrity: proper governance, anti-fraud and anti-corruption policies.
 ii. Transparency: disclosure and reporting.
 iii. Supply chain control: suppliers ESG performance, transparent supply chains.

ESG with our portfolio companies

We address different aspects of sustainability with our portfolio companies and we strive to continuously identify ESG issues and opportunities and aim to put them on the agenda.

Henko considers that an increased focus on sustainability provides value creation potential in the medium term. Here, the sustainability of the offering and the potential for life-time extensions are key aspects, while also focusing on the efficient use of water, energy, the minimization of waste or the extension of certain materials. In addition, innovative business lines could be developed, and other product/service cycles could be closed down.

We are convinced that the increased focus on sustainability provides a competitive advantage.

Henko is inter alia committed to principles according to the following guidelines: UNPRI, UN Global Compact, and Invest Europe Code of ethics/compliance.